Timber Decking vs Composite Decking: Pros and Cons for Singaporean Homes

When it comes to enhancing the outdoor spaces of Singaporean homes, decking is a popular choice. However, homeowners often find themselves torn between two main options: timber decking and composite decking. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, making the decision-making process a bit overwhelming. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of both timber decking and composite decking, providing valuable insights for Singaporean homeowners.


Timber Decking


Natural Cooling Properties


One of the reasons why you should install timber decking for your balcony is its natural cooling properties. In Singapore’s tropical climate, where temperatures can soar, having a deck that stays cool is a desirable feature. Timber decking has the ability to absorb less heat compared to composite decking, allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces comfortably even on hot days.

Highly Repairable

Another benefit of timber decking is its high repairability. In the event of damage, such as scratches or cracks, you can make use of some DIY timber decking repair tips or you can individually replace timber boards without the need to replace the entire deck. This not only saves money but also extends the lifespan of the deck, making it a cost-effective option in the long run.

Easy Installation


Timber decking is relatively easy to install, making it a convenient choice for homeowners who want to have their outdoor spaces ready in a short amount of time. However, there are several ways that allows professionals to install timber decking on time, which allows homeowners to start enjoying their decks sooner rather than later.

Versatile Design Options

Timber decking offers a wide range of design options, allowing homeowners to create a deck that perfectly complements their outdoor spaces and personal style. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a contemporary design, timber decking can be customized to meet your specific aesthetic preferences. Additionally, you can follow the complete timber decking guide to pick the right material for your balcony to ensure that your choice fits your preference and specific outdoor space.


For environmentally conscious homeowners, timber decking is an eco-friendly choice for your balcony. Timber is a renewable resource, and responsibly sourced timber ensures that the impact on the environment is minimized. By choosing timber decking, homeowners are contributing to sustainable practices and reducing their carbon footprint.


Regular Maintenance Needed

One of the downsides of timber decking is the need for regular maintenance. Timber decks require periodic cleaning, timber decking varnishing, and sealing to protect the wood from moisture, mold, and insects. However, failure to maintain the deck properly can lead to the need for timber decking repairs.

Susceptible to Warping


Timber decking is susceptible to warping, especially when exposed to moisture and extreme weather conditions. This can result in an uneven surface, compromising the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the deck. Regular inspections and prompt repairs are some of the best ways to extend the timber decking’s lifespan, by preventing it from warping and overlapping.

Fading and Weathering from Sunlight

In sunny Singapore, timber decking is prone to fading and weathering from prolonged exposure to sunlight. The UV rays can cause the wood to lose its color and become dull over time. Homeowners must know how to troubleshoot common timber decking problems and invest in regular maintenance, such as applying UV-protective coatings, to preserve the appearance of the timber deck.


Composite Decking


Low Maintenance


One of the major benefits of choosing composite decking for your home is its low maintenance requirements. Unlike timber decking, composite decks do not require regular staining, sealing, or painting. A simple cleaning routine with mild soap and water is usually sufficient to keep the deck looking its best.

Highly Durable

A consideration when selecting composite decking is its durability, which makes it an excellent choice for Singaporean homes. It is resistant to rot, mold, and insect infestation, ensuring that the deck remains structurally sound for many years. Composite decking is also less likely to splinter or crack, providing a safe and comfortable surface for outdoor activities.

Color Retention

Unlike timber decking that fades over time, composite decking retains its color and appearance for an extended period. This makes composite decking an attractive option for homeowners who value long-lasting aesthetics. With all of the options available, you can choose the right composite decking color and materials that fit your preferences.


Higher Upfront Cost

There are several benefits of installing wood plastic composite decking, however, one of the drawbacks is its higher upfront cost. The materials used in composite decking are typically more expensive than natural timber. However, it is important to consider the long-term costs and benefits, as composite decking requires less maintenance and is more durable, potentially offsetting the initial investment.

Lack of Visual Appeal

While composite decking offers durability and low maintenance, some homeowners find that it lacks the natural beauty and warmth of timber. The synthetic materials used in composite decking may not provide the same visual appeal as real wood. However, advancements in technology have led to more different composite decking designs, bridging the gap between timber and composite decking aesthetics.

Heat Retention

Composite decking can retain heat, especially under direct sunlight. This can make the deck surface uncomfortably hot to walk on, particularly during the peak of Singapore’s scorching summer. It is recommended to maintain your composite decking by using rugs and mats to minimize heat absorption and create a more comfortable outdoor environment.


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Choosing between timber decking and composite decking is a decision that depends on various factors, including personal preferences, budget, and maintenance requirements. Timber decking offers natural cooling properties, easy repairability, and versatile design options. However, it requires regular maintenance and is susceptible to warping and fading, which may lead to opting for timber decking repair or replacement. On the other hand, composite decking requires minimal maintenance, is highly durable, and retains its color, but it comes with a higher upfront cost and may lack the visual appeal of timber. By considering the pros and cons outlined in this article, Singaporean homeowners can make an informed decision and create an outdoor space that suits their needs and lifestyle.

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